Hi there, we're

An NFT community on a mission to remind the world that we are all actually people.

Our Manifesto

We are not a museum of empathy, we are a playground for it.

We are not building a digital world to escape reality but to inspire us to tangibly build a better real-world.

We believe in digital mutuality, where our real world and our digital one fluidly intersect in meaningful ways.

We see beyond the binary of being 'offline' or 'online', connected or disconnected.

There's rich magic that lies between.

Magic that connects us to ourselves, to each other, and to the planet.

We're actually a team

Meet the actual people behind the movement.

Co-founder, Movement Lead


Laura Francois is an award winning impact strategist, 3x impact entrepreneur and has built movements at the intersection of sustainable development and storytelling. Her work across Asia and Canada has been featured on BBC, Forbes, Netflix, TEDx, Singapore Design Week and more.

Team, Marketing Lead


Ashley is a 21’ McGill grad who’s already started a company and is currently employee #9 at a venture backed web3 company. She was previously part of the Women's Founders Project by Front Row Ventures, the Women’s Cohort at Launch House, and is selected to be part of the Next36 program.

Team, Brand Lead


Sy has acted as creative director for design agencies including Arcade and UltraSuperNew in Singapore, developed experiences for Google Indonesia and co-founded one of Southeast Asia’s pioneering ethical artisan marketplaces, Artisan & Fox.

Co-founder, Art & Story Lead


Artist to be unveiled shortly ;)

Advisor, Tokenomics & Art


Jacqueline is an OG in the NFT space, she’s the VP of Product at Blockparty, is an NFT and IRL artist herself, Founder of RTFL studios (with art, tech, and physical space) and Founder of Blockchain Art Collective.

Co-founder, Product & Ops Lead


Frankie spent the last 4 years in VC with Entrepreneur First serving as its GM in Singapore and Canada, helping build over 50+ venture-backed companies (worth over $300M USD in valuation). Prior to VC, he spent 3 years as a PM in 3 different venture backed companies LightSpeed POS (IPO), TradeGecko (acquired by Intuit) and Holmusk (Series A+).

Co-founder, Developer


Jake is an ex technical-lead and Senior Software Engineer at Sonos, a previous engineer at Microsoft, multiple patent holder, and graduate of Honours Computer Science from McMaster University ‘18.

Team, Design Lead


Momo is an artist, photographer and founder of untitled.id, a design studio where she’s worked with dozens of startups in Canada and beyond. She was the lead creator for a co-working space in Toronto and is a Senior Designer for Virtually Human (an a16z backed web3 company).

Team, Developer


@mintingalpha has been a crypto native since 2017, working as an engineer in both the web2/3 world.

Advisor, Marketing


cb is a creator, a collector, and lover of all things community. They got their first taste of NFTs in early 2021, and have since established a personal brand in the space by helping crypto projects as a marketer, community manager, and technical writer.